Our Process

The Science and Process in Equipment Loss Mitigation and Recovery

After equipment has been exposed to contamination caused by fire, smoke, moisture, chemical discharge, or a combination of any of those, corrosion can start right away and can be greatly accelerated by the post disaster hostile environment.  If left unattended, the contaminant can cause rapid deterioration, and can quickly render the equipment unsalvageable.  In order to make equipment recovery part of your scope, the key is to get a reliable, knowledgeable partner to work with you to define and execute effective mitigation steps which includes effective environmental control and proper preservation techniques.

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon well explained by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.  Contaminants released by a fire, depending on what was burnt, often contain ions that readily turn into highly corrosive acidic upon reaction with moisture.  Similarly, pure water does not corrode, but contaminated water that causes flooding disasters certainly does.  If left untreated, smoke and water can start to corrode equipment, electronics, and machinery almost right away.

By implementing the proper mitigation, neutralization and decontamination techniques, corrosion can be stopped and equipment can be reversed to conditions equal to or better than before the loss.  Again, working with a reliable, knowledgeable partner that fully understands the process is the key.

Equipment decontamination and cleaning is the most effective approach that minimizes costs and operational downtime. Proven by industry history it can reduce equipment claim losses by as much as 80% or more.  It is the most effective way to bring extra value to your clients while heightening your profile and reputation at the same time.  It is also an amazing Green Initiative.