Our Company

We work alongside disaster recovery and property restoration contractors across the country

Our company name, eCARES 247, was founded based on three key elements that drive our business:

e is for equipment, including electronic, electrical, mechanical, medical, IT and high tech equipment that are better to be left to the professionals.

CARES”  stands for Cleaning And Recovery Expert Services.  Our team of experienced experts is continuously supported by, and advanced by, the knowledge and expertise developed by the leading authority of corrosion science and equipment cleaning technologies in the country.

“247”  signifies our commitment to be of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year.

This is a private company that is dedicated to improving the integrity of the industry versus profitability with timely, cost effective services that can be counted on for every single project.

Each one of our team members has direct experience working with a large variety of equipment. Our process is universally effective in treating most forms of equipment when it is exposed to harmful elements.

The leadership of this company has years of direct, hands-on experience working with a range of equipment recovery scenarios, from residential all the way up to multi-million dollar commercial losses involving major  institutes and high tech industries.  Such leadership skills and experience ensures quality service and reliable results, both in the administration office and in the field where emergencies and losses occur.